Relationship and sexuality education

IPPF European Network is fighting together with and for young people so that they have the chance to develop the life skills needed to foster healthier and safer relationships, based on equality and respect.

Time to act

Decision-makers owe young people relationship and sexuality education

Comic strip on sexuality education keeping us safe from harm

What is the state of relationship and sexuality education across Europe & Central Asia.

Study on Portugal

Podcast series Gender & The Union

A podcast exploring why policy changes matter to combat gender-based violence in the European Union, and why relationship and sexuality education is key to creating a more equal and safe future for all. In this 4-episode podcast series, we will create a dialogue between policy makers in the EU and the young people looking to advocate for positive change.

So I thought – this is the key to end all the issues that women and girls face

Mathilde and Amélie provide their peers with skills and information that enables them to have happy lives – through the Ton Plan à Toi initiative in France

I found out that I can say sorry, in a different way. And it became my mission

Feđa Mehmedović shares his experiences providing and advocating for relationship and sexuality education in Bosnia & Herzegovina. 

An anti-racist perspective permeates everything we do

Sonja Ghaderi, from RFSU, delivers sex ed to young migrants arriving in Sweden from across the globe. The programme she leads improves the lives of newcomers.